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Ask the Doctor, March 2006, Lifestyle Magazine

Q: Now that I have retired I would like to have a facelift but so many friends have had facelifts and look very unnatural and 'pulled'. I want to look more youthful but I am afraid of the overdone look. Is it possible to have a facelift without looking that way?

A: Most patients are very afraid of what you have described. The modern facelift is much less dependent on pulling skin tight to give a youthful look. There are several different kinds of facelift techniques that can avoid this. View photographs of previous facelift patients; discuss with your surgeon your emphasis on looking 'natural'.

Q: My children are getting older and I finally have time to myself. I would like to consider liposuction. I exercise regularly and my diet is good but my thighs and abdomen still are not as slim as I would like them to be. Am I a good candidate for liposuction and is it safe? Will my fat come back after liposuction?

A: Liposuction, when performed by the appropriately qualified surgeon, is an excellent tool for dealing with fatty deposits about the abdomen and thighs. In general, liposuction is intended for you to lose inches, not pounds. Patients who exercise regularly and diet are good candidates, provided that they have good skin tone. Without control of your diet, fat will always return with or without liposuction.

**The content of this column is not intended to be taken as medical advice. Plastic surgical procedures and outcomes vary on an individual basis. The above should not be read upon as a substitute for a personal consultation regarding your medical concerns, conditions, diagnosis, or treatment.

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