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Kenrick A. Spence, M.D., F.A.C.S., voted "Top Plastic Surgeon" by the Orlando Magazine of Orlando, Florida, comments on some of the latest trends and techniques in the use of fillers, where minor procedures can achieve dramatic results

With the rapid pace of today's society, many people are not able to dedicate the time to recovery from an extensive plastic surgery procedure. A carefully designed protocol of minor procedures can produce a dramatic effect while requiring only a few hours out of a day's schedule. A combination of procedures can be tailored to meet your needs depending on your skin type, your goals and particular concerns, such as wrinkles, sun damage, and collagen loss. A thorough assessment of your skin is the first step, next is the selection of the most effective mode of treatment. Maximum benefit is gained when the skin is first conditioned with the use of a physician supervised skincare regimen, which may include Retin-A, bleaching agents, cleansers and moisturizers. Sun protection is key during this conditioning, as well as the treatment phase.

Some of the tools available for no down time skin rejuvenation include BOTOX®, Restylane, and Hylaform, to name a few. Many patients think of large lips when fillers are mentioned, however, Restylane and Hylaform can be used in modest amounts to produce subtle effects. They are particularly useful for deep folds of the cheeks, the lip borders, as well as the deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Restylane lasts 6 to 8 months and does not require a test dose. BOTOX® has received much attention in the media for addressing wrinkles of the forehead, deep frown lines between the eyes, as well as wrinkles around the eyes and bands on the neck. Injection of BOTOX® is a relatively painless procedure, usually requiring no local anesthesia. It lasts in the region of 4 months and takes only minutes to inject. In Dr. Spence's practice, all injections are physician administered.

A variety of procedures maybe combined safely in a single setting. In conjunction with the proper skin care regime, the correct depth chemical peels and microdermabrasions, dramatic results can be achieved with virtually no downtime.

For more information about these or other procedures, contact Dr. Spence at 407-999-2585, long distance at 877-577-3623 or visit his website at

Dr. Spence is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American College of Surgeons.

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