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Breast Lift Surgery

Breast Lift


The effects of time, pregnancy, and weight loss can produce dramatic changes to the appearance of the breast. These changes include loss of breast volume, loss of skin elasticity, descent of the nipple below the crease, stretch marks, a flattened look of the breast with loss of projection, and a widened areola. Patients wanting to reverse these changes can benefit from a breast lift. This operation places the nipple at a higher position on the chest. The breast mound is reshaped to restore a youthful well-rounded appearance. Patients with uneven breasts can benefit from a breast lift to correct any such asymmetry. Schedule your consultation today at 407-999-2585 with Dr. Kenrick Spence at Orlando Plastic Surgery. Also feel free to browse through our Breast Lift Before & After Photos.

Evaluation for Breast Lift

  • Overall health evaluation
  • Evaluation of the breast, chest, and torso to detect any asymmetry to be corrected
  • Outline of new nipple position
  • Discussion of different kinds of breast lifts and the scars associated with each
  • Detailed discussion of the breast shape and breast volume to be achieved

Preparation for a Breast Lift

  • Mammogram as needed
  • Stop all blood thinning agents prior to surgery
  • Must stop smoking 6 to 8 weeks prior to the procedure

Procedure: Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

There are several different kinds of breast lifts performed by Orlando plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence. Each procedure produces a different shape to the breast and different extent of scarring.

Types of scars from Breast Lift Surgery:

  • Periareolar - scar around the nipple hidden between the dark skin of the nipple and the light skin of the breast
  • Vertical scar - "lollipop" - a scar around the nipple and a single vertical scar down the underside of the breast
  • Anchor scar - scar around the nipple, down the underside of the breast, and across the crease of the breast (Wise pattern)

The vertical scar lift, with a technique called autoaugmentation, has become very popular at Dr. Spence's practice. This technique uses the lower drooping portion of the breast tissue like a breast implant. This is sewn to the chest wall producing a full rounded natural appearance to the upper portion of the breast. Many patients have commented that this technique gives the appearance of a natural body breast implant.

Risks of Breast Lift Surgery

  • Loss of nipple sensation
  • Poor healing (more common among smokers)
  • Poor scarring: breast lift scars will take several months to reach their final appearance

This is a short list of risks associated with breast lift surgery, when you meet with Dr. Spence about your breast lift surgery, you will be given a more extensive list and the preventive measures to reduce these risks.

Breast lifts are as much an art as they are a science. Your plastic surgeon should be committed to breast lift surgery, body contouring and must be properly credentialed. The focus should be well-balanced body proportion, a restoration of youth and femininity. To schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Spence at Orlando Plastic Surgery, call 407-999-2585 or request a breast lift consultation online.

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