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Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast Reduction


Patients with large breasts are often plagued by neck pain, back pain, or shoulder pain. There are patients who do not wish to have large breasts and make a personal choice that smaller breasts will enhance their body contour. Patients often experience limitations in their activity and lifestyle secondary to the size of their breasts. Patients with uneven breasts will often benefit from a breast reduction to create a more symmetric appearance. Dr. Spence has successfully performed many breast reductions at his Orlando, Florida plastic surgery practice. Breast Reductions are performed at his onsite fully accredited state of the art surgical suite. Schedule your consultation today at 407-999-2585 with Dr. Kenrick Spence at Orlando Plastic Surgery. Also feel free to browse through our Breast Reduction Before & After Photos.

Evaluation for Breast Reduction

  • Overall good state of health
  • Evaluation of the breast and chest to detect any asymmetry which needs to be corrected
  • Evaluation of the body proportion to detect the breast size to enhance body contour
  • Breast measurements are taken, e.g. chest bone to the nipple, the nipple to the fold of the breast.
  • Determination of the amount of ptosis (droop) of the breast; this is measured as grade I, II, or III. Grade III is the worst, resulting when both the nipple and the breast tissue lay way below the fold of the breast.
  • Examination for shoulder grooving (bra straps cutting into the shoulders) and inframammary intertrigo (a rash beneath the fold of the breast).
  • Determination of:
    • Asymmetry (unequal breasts)
    • Sensitivity of the nipples
    • Extent of stretch marks

Preparation for Breast Reduction

  • Mammogram prior to surgery, as needed
  • Must stop smoking at least 6 weeks prior to surgery
  • Must stop all blood thinning agents, such as Aspirin or Vitamin E, prior to surgery

Procedure: Breast Reduction

There are several different types of breast reduction. The general principle is the removal of breast tissue and skin, moving the nipple to a higher position on the chest wall, and reshaping the breast to a more youthful appearance. Dr. Spence believes in performing breast reductions with the shortest scars possible. The most popular breast reduction in his practice involves the lollipop, or vertical, scar. Other kinds of scars include the anchor scar with an incision around the crease of the breast. A periareolar, or donut, scar in a circular fashion around the nipple is sometimes used. Liposuction is useful to bring the breast down a cup size in a breast with good skin elasticity.

In cases of extremely large breasts, the nipple may be removed completely and reattached as a graft; this is termed a free nipple graft.

All breast reductions procedures are not the same. The technique of breast reduction will be chosen based on the distance the nipple is to be moved up on the chest wall, the size of the breast, the extent of the reduction, and the shape of the breast to be created.

Some breast reductions produce a flatter, broader breast while others produce a more projecting breast. Dr. Spence uses 5 different types of pedicle techniques depending on the shape of breast he wishes to create:

  1. Superior pedicle
  2. Medical pedicle
  3. Inferior pedicle
  4. Central pedicle
  5. Bipedicle (a combination of pedicles)

The pedicle is the method by which the nipple is kept attached and moved up on the chest wall. A special suture technique is used to control the size of the areola to prevent widening after surgery.

Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery:

  • Loss of nipple sensation - may be temporary or permanent
  • Poor scarring: breast reduction scars will take several months to reach their final appearance
  • Poor wound healing (more common among smokers)
  • Regrowth of enlarged breast, particularly common in very young patients with large breasts (Juvenile Hypertrophy)

This is a short list of risks. During your consultation Dr. Spence will discuss additional risks of breast reduction surgery and preventative measures one can take to minimize these risks.

Combined Procedures

In Dr. Spence's practice the most frequently combined procedures with breast reduction surgery include liposuction and abdominoplasty or tummy tucks. These procedures both provide a dramatic effect on body contour and are safely performed in a fully accredited facility.

Breast reduction patients are some of the happiest patients in plastic surgery because of the relief of symptoms gained from the procedure coupled with the cosmetic benefits that lead to dramatic enhancements in body contour. To schedule a breast reduction consultation with Dr. Spence at the Orlando Plastic Surgery, call 407-999-2585 or request a breast reduction consultation online.

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