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Brow Lift Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Brow Lift

Will a brow lift get rid of the deep lines between my eyes when I knit my brows?

Yes, during a brow lift the muscles pulling down the brows that create the deep lines can be released, causing the lines to become less obvious. Permanent creases existing in that area may not go away. BOTOX® Cosmetic along with the use of a filler, such as Restylane (hyaluronic acid) or fat, can be used to treat these deep lines. In some skin types dermabrasion or a chemical peel may also be used to improve these lines.

What will happen to the lines across my forehead after I have a brow lift?

Sometimes the central muscles of the forehead can be released to make these lines less prominent. More importantly, when the brows are repositioned the constant need to raise the brows will be diminished and the lines created by raising the brows will be less apparent.

Can I get rid of the lines around my eyes (crows feet)?

By opening up the eyes with a brow lift these lines become less apparent. One of the best tools for these lines is BOTOX® Cosmetic. The muscles that enable you to open and close your eyes cause these lines; they can be relaxed, but not completely removed.

The skin on my forehead is severely sun damaged; can this be taken care of during a brow lift?

Some surgeons will perform a resurfacing procedure to the skin of the forehead at the same time as a brow lift; this is dependant upon the depth of the resurfacing and the safety of combining the procedure. In Dr. Spence's practice, brow lift patients with sun damaged skin are placed on skin care products prior to surgery to improve their sun damaged skin.

I look tired because of my drooping brows and I think I need a brow lift, but I am afraid of losing the natural arch of my brows and having a startled look.

You are correct; lifting your drooping brows will help to correct your tired appearance. Dr. Spence asks his patients to bring a picture of the way that they looked 10 years prior to their consultation; this helps him understand their natural appearance of the brows before they descended. During surgery emphasis is placed on reserving the natural arch of the brows.

The responses to Frequently Asked Questions listed here are not intended to be medical advice, but are the practice of Dr. Spence and will vary from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient.

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