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Brow Lift

Brow Lift


Many patients are plagued by a tired appearance from aging and complain that their facial expression does not match the way they feel. They have deep frown lines across the forehead and between the eyes, and their brows lie low on the forehead and lack a natural arch making the eyes look more crowded than normal. These patients are ideal candidates for a brow lift. Brow lifts may be done in conjunction with upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) in Orlando. Dr. Spence performs brow lifts in the privacy of a fully accredited, state-of-the-art, surgical suite in his Florida plastic surgery practice. Schedule your consultation today at 407-999-2585 with Dr. Kenrick Spence at Orlando Plastic Surgery. Also feel free to browse through our Brow Lift Before & After Photos.

Brow lifts are often combined with facelift surgery in Orlando. When you come in to meet with Dr. Spence, you and he can decide together which approach is right for you.

Evaluation for a Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

  • Overall evaluation of state of health
  • It is advised that patients bring a close up photograph of themselves from 10 years ago
  • A full and detailed evaluation of facial aesthetics to determine the impact of placing the brow at a higher position on the forehead
  • Evaluation of any inequality in brow height which may need to be corrected
  • Evaluation for the need of upper and lower eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)
  • Evaluation of the level of the hairline and density of hair growth to hide incisions in the scalp

Preparation of Brow Lift

  • Medical clearance as needed
  • Must stop all blood thinning agents at least 10 days prior to surgery
    • e.g. aspirin, vitamin E
  • Must stop smoking 6 to 8 weeks prior to surgery

Procedure: Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

Dr. Spence performs three different kinds of brow lifts (forehead lifts) in his Orlando, Florida plastic surgery practice, depending upon the problems to be addressed: for example, the extent of the forehead lines, or the amount of brow descent. The options for a brow lift (forehead lift) surgery include:

  1. Temporal Brow Lift: Here a total of 2 to 3 incisions are made just behind the hairline in the scalp in line with the tail of the brow, measuring 3 to 4 cm. There may be one small central incision hidden behind the hairline in the scalp. This operation raises mostly the lateral 2/3 of the brow, giving a very natural look to the brows and avoids the startled appearance of raising the brows too high. The medial brow can also be raised by a small incision in the crease of the upper eyelid releasing the muscles that pull the brow downwards. This operation is very popular since it minimizes the risk of excessive hair loss and trauma to the scalp because the incisions are kept to a minimum. The recovery is relatively quick and the sutures are removed after 10 to 14 days.
  2. Endoscopic Brow Lift (Forehead Lift): This procedure is performed through 5, 2 cm incisions in the scalp that are hidden behind the hairline. Endoscopic brow lifts are performed for patients who want a very subtle elevation of the brows; usually these are patients with only minor brow descent. Endoscopic brow lifts avoid excessive trauma to the scalp and reduce recovery time. A camera is used to aid the surgeon to see under the scalp on a television screen. This guides the surgeon to key muscles and attachments releasing the brow, allowing it to rise. This procedure can also be performed on an outpatient basis.
  3. Coronal Brow Lift: This operation is utilized for the patient with a short forehead, significant forehead lines and wrinkles, and sun damage. The incision traverses the scalp to raise the entire forehead. This requires a slightly longer recovery time. The sutures or staples are removed at 2 weeks.

With all of the above brow lifts, muscles are released in the forehead between the eyes and across the forehead to soften deep lines. It is preferable not to relax all of the muscles, as the forehead must maintain some expression to look natural. Upper and lower eyelid surgery can be performed with any of the options for brow lift surgery. It is quite common to also perform a lower facelift in conjunction with eyelid surgery and a brow lift for total surgical rejuvenation of the face.

Recovery from Brow Lift Surgery

Most brow lift patients can return to public life within 7 to 14 days. Sutures are removed in 10 to 14 days. There may be some bruising around the eyes, this resolves over time. Swelling is typically worst on day 3, this resolves fairly quickly.

Risks of Brow Lift Surgery

  • Loss of hair surrounding the incisions (Alopecia)
  • Itching or numbness of the scalp
    • Mostly temporary
  • Temporary or permanent nerve weakness

During your consultation and consent process, other risks will be discussed by Dr. Spence.

Brow lift (forehead lift) surgery can have a dramatic and positive effect on the appearance of your face, creating a more awake but natural youthful appearance. A brow lift uncovers the eyes allowing them to shine through. To schedule a consultation for a brow lift or another facial procedure with plastic surgeon Dr. Kenrick Spence in Orlando, call 407-999-2585 or request a consultation online.

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