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Contact Dr. Spence

Orlando Office
130 Hillcrest Street
Orlando, FL 32801
Phone: (407) 999-2585
Fax: (407) 999-2628
Toll Free: (877) 577-3623 (877-5SPENCE)

Lady Lake Office
733 County Road 466
Lady Lake, FL 32159
Phone: (352) 350-6394

How Should I Prepare For My Initial Visit With Dr. Spence?

Get the most value for your time!

  1. Consultations with Dr. Spence are offered on Mondays and Fridays lasting approximately 1 hour. The consultation fee is $125 and is applied to your surgery fee. Consultations with our esthetician are offered Mondays through Friday and are complimentary.
  2. You are invited to bring a spouse or friend, whose opinion is considered crucial in your decision.
  3. Thoroughly view before and after photos on this website.
  4. Carefully review the information about the procedure of interest to you. It is important that you obtain as much information about your procedure with a brief but important list of questions.
  5. Gain an understanding for the length of time required for possible recovery.
  6. Review your schedule for the best time to have your procedure, identify possible dates and discuss these dates with your caregiver who will be assisting you during recovery.
  7. Carefully examine your finances and understand your budget. If financing will be an option for you, take the time to research pre-qualification on our financing page.
  8. Give yourself approximately 5-10 minutes of uninterrupted time when making your initial call to us.
  9. You are now ready to make the call!

What Should I Expect When Scheduling My Initial Visit with Dr. Spence?

You should anticipate speaking with a patient care coordinator for approximately 10 minutes. Be sure to make your initial call when there will be minimal interruptions for you.

  1. She will assist in beginning the process of determining how best your aesthetic needs can be met.
  2. Your personal profile will be compiled, as data quite similar to that on our contact form below will be collected.
  3. Based on your timeframe for surgery and your budget a consultation may be then scheduled.
  4. At the time a consultation is scheduled, our patient care coordinator will share our appointment confirmation process with you. Due to the high demand for consultations with Dr. Spence, it is necessary for you to confirm your appointment "by noon, 48 hours prior to your scheduled arrival." Appointments that are not confirmed are as a courtesy released to other awaiting patients.

What Should I Expect During My Consultation?

  1. Meet with Dr. Spence and the office staff.
  2. Receive a wealth of information about your procedure and marvel at the possibilities that await you.
  3. Emphasis placed on envisioning your "body only better" with the aid of drawings and photographs.
  4. Meet with a patient care coordinator to obtain fees, discuss dates, obtain financing if necessary and schedule your procedure. Because scheduling your procedure at the right time is essential to maximizing your rest and results, we ask that you visit us with 2-3 dates in mind which will allow you to achieve this.
  5. Receive a gift of a consultation with our licensed esthetician.

Surgery is generally performed on-site in the privacy, comfort and safety of Dr. Spence's fully accredited surgical facility, with a board certified Anesthesiologist, click on office tour. For patients wishing or requiring a hospital setting, Dr. Spence’s admitting privileges to any of the hospitals in the Orlando Regional Healthcare System affords that convenience.

Email Us TodayTo schedule your visit with Dr. Spence, call (407) 999-2585 or complete the information on the next page and submit to receive our call to you.