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Breast Implant Revision Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Breast Implant Revision FAQ

Breast Implant Revision

I feel that the crease of my breast sits too low on my chest after my breast augmentation. Can this be changed?

Yes, the fold of the breast can be raised. Talk with your surgeon to determine their experience with this operation.

I feel that my implants are too far apart in the middle of my chest and too much under my armpit. Can this be fixed?

Yes, this can be changed. The extent to which the implant can be brought together in the middle of the chest is sometimes dependent on your own anatomy. The implant capsules can sometimes be repaired to bring the implant more medial.

It seems that after I got breast implants the asymmetry between my breasts became even more pronounced.

This is possible. Remember it is natural to have some asymmetry of the breast. Once they are augmented this may be amplified. It is important to meticulously examine the breasts before surgery to determine if this asymmetry is worth addressing.

I feel as though my implants are too large and I am over them. Can I go to smaller implants?

Remember large implants have trade offs, as they equal added weight on the breast tissue. It is not uncommon to want very large breasts at a young age; however, as time goes on some patients wish they had been more conservative. This is an individual and personal issue; take the time to discuss your long-term outcomes with your surgeon.

I can feel my implants rippling but I cannot see it through the skin, is this common?

It is not uncommon to feel implant rippling by virtue of the nature of saline implants, to most patients this is not a bother.

I have breast implants beneath the breast tissue but would prefer to have them beneath the muscle. Can this be changed?

Yes, a change of implant plane can be performed. This is most commonly done in patients who have rippling on the upper aspect of the implants or who have developed capsular contracture.

I had breast implants and one breast is firmer than the other, sits higher on my chest, and is not as natural looking; what could cause this?

One breast may develop a firmer capsule then the other. This may cause one implant to fall naturally while the other stays higher on the chest. If this does not respond to massage, a capsulotomy (release of the capsule) may be needed to lower the higher implant.

After my breast augmentation, the fold of one breast seems higher than the other.

Asymmetry of the fold may have existed before your surgery or the weight of the implant may have caused the fold to descend. Recreating the fold in an operation called a capsulorrhaphy can repair this.

I have breast implants behind the muscle and when I flex my arms I see a line across my breasts.

This is sometimes called "window shading"; releasing the muscles attached to the breast capsule may repair this.

The responses to Frequently Asked Questions listed here are not intended to be medical advice, but are the practice of Dr. Spence and will vary from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient.

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