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Liposuction Surgery


Tips for Recovering from Liposuction

  • Early post-operative lymphatic massage stimulates the lymphatic system following liposuction. A qualified massage therapist who understands treating post liposuction patients should do this. Your surgeon must approve the timing.
  • Deep tissue massage aids in the course of recovery.
  • Avoid swimming until all incision sites are healed.
  • Apply topical antibiotic ointment to the liposuction sites until healed. Make sure you are not allergic to the topical antibiotic.
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure and use sun block liberally (remember the skin has temporarily lost sensation and it is difficult to detect sun burn).
  • Wear a compression garment almost continuously for the 1st 2 weeks following the procedure; then wear it for 12 hours per day, while upright, from weeks 3 to 4, at the direction of Dr. Spence. This depends on the extent of the liposuction and the areas treated.
  • Avoid pounding aerobic exercise for at least the 1st week, as this can increase post-operative swelling.
  • A brisk walk at the beginning of the day stimulates the circulatory system.
  • Stay adequately hydrated.
  • When removing your compression garment, do so slowly as rapid removal can lead to lightheadedness. Remove ½ the garment first , have a seat, then remove the remaining garment. Have an adult around the first time you remove the garment.
  • While compression garments are important, constricting garments are not good. Garments should not be so tight as to impair circulation.
  • Once your incisions have closed, gentle fingertip massage helps the scars soften and stay flat.
  • You will not see your final results for 12 weeks so be patient. Ask for a copy of your pre-op photographs, as it will help you stay focused. Ask your surgeon, based on the technique used, when can you expect your final result, e.g. power assisted liposuction vs. ultrasonic liposuction, wet vs. super wet liposuction.
  • Ask your plastic surgeon about treatments to speed the improvement of scars, e.g. topical bleaching creams, silicone gels, etc.
  • Keep the skin well moisturized; chapped dehydrated skin has less elasticity. Use hypoallergenic moisturizers whenever possible.

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